Friday, November 02, 2018

Group Break: Let's Get the Weekend Started

Happy, happy Friday.  The weekend is finally here - and after this week, I could use a weekend!  I'm also getting excited to see that we are nearing the end of the group break - soon I'll be able to clear my table from all the individual team piles.  I'm not looking forward to the packing and shipping process, but I am excited to get the cards out to all of you.  I hope you all find this break to be enjoyable!

That said, the fun's not over quite yet.  We still have the rest of this Leaf Limited box to go plus two more unopened boxes (Gold Label and Topps Total).  I think I'll do the Topps Total box next, which means I should probably start doing finger exercises now for all the typing that I'm about to be faced with.  For now though, let's look at decidedly smaller packs in the Leaf Limited box.

1997 Leaf Limited:
Pack 13:
58.  Dave Hollins - Angels / Ron Coomer - Twins
85.  Darryl Hamilton - Giants / Rickey Henderson - Padres
50.  Joe Randa - Pirates / Ken Caminiti - Padres
24.  Ron Gant - Cardinals / Gary Sheffield - Marlins
13.  Edgar Renteria - Marlins / Alex Rodriguez - Mariners

No scans from this pack because every single card was a duplicate.  That's not all bad news here though since it means that each of the teams listed above will receive one copy of the card featuring their respective team.  As a group break host, the less randomizations I have to do, the better!

Pack 14:
90.  Jeff Conine - Marlins / Will Clark - Rangers
118.  Brant Brown - Cubs / Juan Gonzalez - Rangers
87.  Eric Young & Larry Walker - Rockies

31.  Chris Snopek - White Sox / Travis Fryman - Tigers
57.  Wilton Guerrero - Dodgers / Eric Young - Rockies

The first two cards of the pack were duplicates (good news for the Rangers I guess) so now each team will get one card.  The Rockies "Double Team" card is another one of the base short prints.

Pack 15:
72.  Edgardo Alfonzo - Mets / Scott Rolen - Phillies
97.  F.P. Santangelo - Expos / John Mabry - Cardinals
123.  Quinton McCracken - Rockies / Barry Bonds - Giants
98.  Wilson Alvarez - White Sox / Esteban Loaiza - Pirates
73.  Lance Johnson - Mets / Kenny Lofton - Braves

Another pack with nothing but duplicates.

Pack 16:
86.  Dennis Eckersley - Cardinals / Billy Wagner - Astros
114.  Darryl Kile - Astros / Curt Schilling - Phillies
29.  Kevin Young - Pirates / J.T. Snow - Giants
15.  Bob Abreu - Astros / Todd Hollandsworth - Dodgers (x2)

First of all, we ended up with two of the exact same card (not parallels, the exact same base card) in the pack.  That's complete crap for a 5 card pack.  Even worse, we already had a copy of the card from an earlier pack meaning the Abreu/Hollandsworth card is now in triplicate.  Ugh.

Alright, so that wasn't a good start to the weekend but I promise the box does get better. 


Nick Vossbrink said...

At least a lot of those duplicates are saving you some randomization work.

P-town Tom said...

Man, that's a bunch of dupes for the same box. I'm assuming it's a smaller set and dupes are unavoidable?
Either way, happy to hear the box gets better!

Bru said...

Astros hot pack though! And I have collections of both Clark and Juan Gone so those other dupes will be heading to a good home.

The Angels In Order said...

Always enjoyed Eric Young, and now his son too. That's a sweet card.

Adam Kaningher said...

Woohoo! Short Print!

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