Thursday, November 08, 2018

Group Break: More Topps Total

Earlier this afternoon, I busted the final box of cards for the current group break (2001 Topps Gold Label) on video.  I'll have the results of that box posted to the blog eventually (in pack form, as always) but I will tease you all a bit by saying that we did find a hit in the box - and it is going to a claimed team (not one of my claimed teams either).  Who got that?  You'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out since I still need to clear out the rest of the 2002 Topps Total box.

Let's keep on going!

2002 Topps Total:
Pack 28:
278.  Pablo Ozuna - Marlins
620.  Tim Redding - Astros
448.  Shawn Wooten - Angels
507.  Jim Mann - Astros
876.  John Lackey - Angels
535.  Matt Morris - Cardinals
772.  Nelson Castro - Giants

290.  Eric Chavez - Athletics
585.  Chris Tritle - Athletics
788.  Greg Myers - Athletics
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Three Athletics cards in a row to close out that pack.

Pack 29:
473.  Cole Barthel - Braves
594.  John Koronka - Reds
697.  Bret Prinz - Diamondbacks
368.  Brian Giles - Pirates
191.  Wilson Guzman - Pirates
288.  Scott Rolen - Phillies
Topps Total:  TT7.  Kevin Brown - Dodgers

668.  Mike Maroth - Tigers
477.  Denny Hocking - Twins
441.  Mike MacDougal - Royals
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Pack 30:
231.  Randy Knorr - Expos
572.  Jeffrey Hammonds - Brewers
499.  Eric Gagne - Dodgers
833.  Henry Pichardo - Indians
692.  Chuck Finley - Indians
148.  Jorge Julio - Orioles
Total Production:  TP9.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs

430.  Brian L. Hunter - Astros
272.  Jimmy Haynes - Reds
277.  Dustin Hermanson - Red Sox

12 of 30.  Marlins Checklist

That does it for that batch.  Only six packs remain in the Topps Total box and then it'll be on to the Gold Label box to finish off the break.


Chris said...

Oh man, Dustin Hermanson! There's a blast from the past. I couldn't remember him pitching for the Red Sox at all, and after checking baseball reference now I know why. His brief stint with the Sox in '02 was very forgettable.

P-town Tom said...

Kevin Brown always had some of the best pitcher's face.

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