Friday, December 07, 2018

Coming Soon to This Blog: TRADE BAIT BLOWOUT 2018!

As you may know from reading my blog earlier this week, I am in the midst of a complete baseball card collection reorganization.  Truthfully, this is a slow process for me, so slow in fact that it's been something that I've sort of picked away at for the past five years or so.  Obviously, a full reorganization takes time but even I can admit that I've been overly pokey about the whole thing.  That all said, while I have made a fair bit of process with the reorganization lately I want to do even better!

With the new year rapidly approaching, I would LOVE to whittle down my want list to something more manageable.  In order to do that, I know that I need to start trading in earnest again - and that's where my TRADE BAIT BLOWOUT 2018 will come in handy.

The basic idea is as follows:

Each day for the next week or so (ideally), I'll post a number of different cards to my blog as trade bait.  If you see something you want, comment on that post with the card(s) you'd like to claim.  At the end of the series of posts, I'll gather up all the cards claimed by each person and mail them off.

In return, I'm asking for you to send me whatever you think is fair in some combination of the following:
1.  Cards from my want list
2.  LEGO sets (or even a box of random LEGO pieces from random sets - LEGO brand only though)
3.  Barry Larkin cards (while not totally up-to-date, I would appreciate it if you'd look at my list of what I've already written about in order to reduce the number of duplicate cards coming my way)

I am willing to be patient, so you might tell me that you are making a Check Out My Cards order somewhat soon and you'll add in a few cards to send my way, that's perfectly acceptable to me!  I'd love to have my unwanted cards find a new home, and if it means I can also turn those into things that I want all the better!

My TRADE BAIT BLOWOUT 2018 will include cards from a variety of years, brands, and teams.  You are welcome to claim as many cards as you wish, but please respect the rules laid out above.  Also, when/if you do claim at least one card please do me a favor and email me your mailing address ASAP so that I can start a proper card stack for you!

Any questions?  Now's the time to ask.  The first TRADE BAIT BLOWOUT 2018 post will go up tomorrow at 8:01 AM EST.


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