Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The Great Reorganization: Step 33: Challenge Update and a Goal Check-In Time

Back in September of this year, I wrote my last update to my ongoing Great Reorganization that I've been working on for literally years now.  At the time of that post, I put forth a challenge to myself:  not to buy another box or pack of cards until I cleaned my desk off once and for all.

So far, I've (sort of) kept my goal.  I mean, I failed the challenge spectacularly by the letter of law but by my original intent I'm still going strong.  More specifically, you may recall that I recently hosted a HUGE group break full of boxes and packs, all of which I technically had to buy.  That said, I haven't bought any boxes or packs for myself in that time so I consider challenge goals met to date.

Now, the big question:  Did I manage to clean off my desk finally?  Let's have a peek, shall we?

As you can see, the desk is mostly clear (yay)!  However, it isn't totally devoid of cards yet so I need to keep going.  What's left you ask?

Well, the small white rectangle (near the glass of water) contains cards that I've received in the mail and written about but not yet actually filed away in my set binders.  That's an easy enough thing to do but it does require me to locate the correct binders (I think I have four or five sets there with only one or two cards for most sets to go in each binder).  A more ambitious person would have done that just prior to taking the above photo but who am but to be the person who wants to be as historically accurate as possible!

Closer to the edge of the desk (I started clearing closest to my laptop and then worked to the desk's edge), I have a stack of Gypsy Queen cards (inserts and hits mostly) that I need to figure out what to do with.  I also have a bunch of inserts and hits from this year's Donruss set that I need to figure out what to do with.  Finally, there's a stack of cards that I plan to add to my ongoing Trade Stack.  The only non-card items left on the desk to take care of are a pair of envelopes that are reminders to me of return mailings that I (still) need to put together.  Luckily, that rather large stack of cards closest to my laptop and the baby monitor is going to eventually go out to one of the two people that I still need to mail cards to.

In the end, it's been a couple of months but I've made actual progress for once!  It feels great to have my desk (almost) cleared off.  Of course, what I haven't shown lately is the two tables sitting near my desk that will be the next two big goals to get cleared off.  The one happens to be full of both LEGO and baseball cards - but the other is pretty much all cards and will definitely be a major project for 2019.

When all is said and done, I'm always going to be happy if I am making actual progress toward my overall goal of a complete collection reorganization.  I still have a long, long way to go until my goal is complete, but every step done gets me that much closer which makes me happy!


Fuji said...

Wish my desk was as organized as yours. I try to organize it every weekend, but it's the never ending story. Maybe I'll make a goal of getting my desk cleaned off by the start of the new year.

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