Saturday, January 05, 2019

Barry Larkin Collection 640: 2001 Topps - #195

Barry Larkin
Brand:  Topps
Card number:  195

My scanner broke about a week ago and I've since ordered a new one.  However, until I can get it the new one setup I am basically "stuck" doing Barry Larkin Collection posts using cards that I have in my saved scan folder.  On the bright side, that does mean I'll make solid progress on one of my New Year's Resolutions which was to post more Larkin cards!

Today's card is a simple base card from 2001.  This was Topps' 50th Anniversary set so all the base cards have that ugly gold stamp on them.  Other than that though, there isn't a whole lot to say about the card.  The front has a perfectly adequate design - one that I think actually looks better now than it may have to me back in 2001.  I definitely miss Topps having simple borders on their base cards.

The reverse side of the card isn't as good - or at least, the image that Topps chose to use for Barry's card isn't very good.  Of course, I always appreciate the full career statistics and I also like the easy-to-read card number.  Larkin had a long and illustrious career by 2001 so there wasn't much room on the card back for any extra text, but Topps did do a nice job in giving him a single line of text highlighting his 11th All-Star game appearance the previous year.  All in all, this is a solid card from a solid set.  Nothing spectacular, but solid nonetheless.  Exactly what you would want from a base set!


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