Tuesday, February 05, 2019

30 Teams in 30 Posts: #21

I'm ranking all 30 of the MLB teams in order of how much I like them at this moment in time.  As with most countdowns, I'm starting with the worst (Cardinals) and I'll eventually end up with the best (Reds).  The real question now is:  Where will the other MLB teams land in my countdown?

We've reached the 21st spot in my countdown of my favorite MLB teams.  At this point, we've officially reached the "meh" portion of the list.  Teams that I don't necessarily dislike but I can find particular reasons to actually root for them either. 

Speaking of teams that no one roots for, here's team #21:

#21:  Miami Marlins
Image source: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQcx0ehVF3hNI4qRsHmxjccFZOPbpQvspvJK_YnPtFVWOghh1O7

The Marlins are packing peanuts of baseball cards.  That is, they seem to be in just about every pack you buy but no one wants them and they'll eventually end up in the trash.  That's simply the reality of the Marlins right now - I can't even tell you that last time that I had someone purposely try and acquire some Marlins cards with me in a trade.  (For the record, if you happen to be a Marlins fan boy do I have a lot of cards to unload on you, hit me up.)

So, other than no one liking them, why do the Marlins have the distinction of being the final team in my bottom 10? 

For starters, Derek Jeter is now involved with the Marlins and sure it looked like he was doing his old team the Yankees some favors with the trade of Giancarlo Stanton.  That said, I'm hoping the Reds are able to fleece Jeter and the Marlins and pry J.T. Realmuto away from them this year (I'm writing this post when there are nothing but reports of "deal imminent" but "nothing finalized" being bandied about). 

The other reason that I put the Marlins so low is that their stadium is weird and seemingly quite unattractive.  I'd love to visit all 30 MLB stadiums in my lifetime, but if I'm being honest going to a Marlins game is probably one of the least appealing ideas involving live baseball that I can think of. 

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that the Marlins have generally had a terrible style of running their team.  Yes, they've made (and won) the World Series more times than my Reds have in my lifetime (you have no idea how much that hurts me to type) but in the non-World Series years the Marlins have been almost entirely a pathetic laughingstock.  It's no way to run a ball club - even if baseball is seemingly deteriorating into a league of five or six teams trying to win in a given year and everyone else competing for a high draft pick.  Other teams should not be emulating the Marlins style of business - and that ought to be obvious when you realize that the fish have had two World Series wins since 1997 and they still have no fans whereas plenty of other teams have had zero or one World Series wins in that time and yet they still fill their stadiums.

My list of favorite MLB teams (from worst to first):
#30:  St. Louis Cardinals
#29:  New York Yankees
#28:  San Francisco Giants
#27:  Washington Nationals
#26:  Boston Red Sox
#25:  Chicago Cubs
#24:  Atlanta Braves
#23:  Los Angeles Dodgers
#22:  Milwaukee Brewers
#21:  Miami Marlins
to be continued...


P-town Tom said...

Well, if I could leave a team out of a count down like this it would be the Marlins. They are about as forgettable as a team can get. Packing peanuts is a good analogy. #21 is a pretty good ranking for them, because people will remember the bottom five and #20 is kind of a landmark number, but 21... who remembers 21?

Collecting Cutch said...

Roberto Clemente is pretty memorable

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