Thursday, February 07, 2019

Blog Resolution Check-In #1

For the past several years, I've written blog resolutions around the turn of the new year.  Unfortunately, for most of those years I wasn't overly diligent on actually following up on my resolutions.  Instead, I'd wait until December of that year and then take a look back to see if I accidentally (or otherwise) completed any of my goals.

As they say, "new year, new me".  

This time around, I'm going to try and have a few Resolution Check-Ins with the idea that if I at least keep my 2019 resolutions in mind, maybe I'll do a better job of actually completing them by the end of 2019!

Obviously, I'm not expecting to have any of my goals completed quite yet.  Instead, this is a time to see if I'm at least on pace to complete each goal.

#1:  Barry Larkin Collection
The goal is to get to 700 unique Barry Larkin cards typed up and scanned for my collection on the blog.  The good news is that I have the necessary Larkin cards scanned.  The only thing remaining is for me to write a bunch of posts.  Earlier this week I posted card #649 which means I need to do another 51 posts before the end of the year.  That doesn't sound impossible, right?  Check-in status:  On target

#2:  Blog Trading
My goal is to complete 50 trades for the year.  I'm sitting at eight trades right now (with a couple more envelopes going out in the mail soon).  I need to average five trades a month for the entire year and right now I'm actually ahead of schedule.  I am slowly finding some more trade bait which might help spur some trading again in a few weeks (or whenever I am able to actually get it all sorted, scanned, and posted on the blog).  Check-in status:  Ahead of schedule

#3:  The Want List
My stated goal is to get my want list down to about 100 different sets (counting insert sets separately).  So far, I've managed to complete five different sets and I haven't added a single set to the want list (which is key for the net gain number).  I've also made progress on a number of other sets thanks to some recent trades (even if the entire set isn't complete yet).  I haven't actually counted to see how many sets are still on my want list but I believe I have a ways to go yet to get to 100 or less.  Check-in status:  Feeling okay so far

#4:  The Great Reorganization
My stated goal here is to (finally) completely clear off my card table (see above).  Truthfully, if anything I've added more cards to the table.  I did scan a few small piles of Larkin cards, but otherwise I've done nothing here.  Check-in status:  No where near done

#5:  My LEGO Blog
I said my goal was to get about 50 posts up for 2019 over on that blog.  So far this year, I've written exactly one post.  If I'm going to average a post a week there, I need to do a lot better.   Check-in status:  Behind schedule

#6:  Reading
For my final goal, I said I'd like to read 12 different books for the year.  Not an easy goal with my other hobbies, not to mention the almost 9-month-old baby but still it was a goal I thought I had a chance to complete.  So far, I've read one book and I actually started a second one.  Check-in status:  Right on target

And that's it.  I made six resolutions and as of this moment I'm ahead of schedule on one, right on target with three, behind schedule on one, and the final one I haven't yet started to any degree.  We are only one month into the year so I'll take that for now - hopefully I can keep up the positive momentum for the remaining 11 months! 


Matt said...

A good start! Keep it up!

SumoMenkoMan said...

Nice update...I’d definitely love to read more.

Fuji said...

I'd say you're doing pretty darn good.

Matt Stupienski said...

Great idea with these check-ins. Planning on doing it roughly bi-monthly?

Nachos Grande said...

@Matt: Yes, I hope to do check-ins every couple of months or so. It's a new tactic to try and stay on target throughout the year! So far, so good.

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