Celebrating at Home!

Before I get to today's packs out of my 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated box, I want to remind those of you who signed up to be part of (Even) Better Know a Blogger series to get your answers to me.  I plan to start the event next week!

Now, let's return to the next few packs out of the box!

Pack 8:
170.  Will Clark (needed it)

111.  John Smoltz (needed it)
146.  Wade Boggs (needed it)
61.  Marlon Anderson, Mike Welch, Gary Bennett
53.  Kirk Bullinger, Fernadno Seguignol, Tim Young
5.  David Justice

Woo!  We round out the first third of the box with a pack containing three cards that I need for my base set.  I scanned the best of the three - that Will Clark card is freakin' awesome.  I love the angle, the celebration, everything about it is great.

Pack 9:
171.  Edgar Martinez
112.  Randy Johnson
146.  Wade Boggs (duplicate)
15.  Roger Clemens & Curt Schilling (needed it)

76.  Mike Piazza
40.  Curt Schilling

I only recognized that the Boggs was a duplicate within the box because I just pulled one in the previous pack.  I was definitely hoping that I wouldn't pull any duplicates within the box...that sort of thing shouldn't happen in a box from 1999.

Pack 10:
176.  Chuck Finley
104.  Vinny Castilla
134.  Gary Sheffield (needed it)

32.  Dennis Eckersley (needed it)
65.  Brian Barkley, Jin Ho Cho, Donnie Sadler
23.  Roger Clemens

I'll take two more needed cards for my set.  Overall, I ended up with six new cards out of the three packs today - that's exactly the ratio I need to keep in order to be sure to have the entire base set complete by the time I'm done ripping the remainder of the box.


  1. Man those are some nice shots on these cards. I may need to bump it up in priority on my own personal set list.

  2. I'm going to have a bunch of the cards available for trade when all is said and done, stay tuned!

  3. I am! I checked out your list last month and only had like 2 cards on your want list, one of which you just checked off today with that Brewers trio RC.


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