(Even) Better Know a Blogger - UPDATE

I hope everyone is having a good Father's Day.  This year is technically my second Father's Day as a dad, but it feels like my first since last year my little guy wasn't even a month old yet! 

That's enough about me though - right now I want to talk about you.  That's right blog reader, you! 

You see, I'm going to be running my second Better Know a Blogger series where I "interview" fellow bloggers (via an email questionnaire).  I had a bunch of people already request the questionnaire but I haven't received many responses back yet.  I need those responses by the end of the week since I plan to start the series on Monday of next week (June 24). 

If you want to know more about what I'm talking about, go here to the original post.  And, if you'd like to participate there's still time - simply follow the instructions on the linked post above.