Making Logo-less Cards Not Suck So Much

In the past couple of weeks, I've had an incredible amount of mail arrive full of all sorts of goodies relevant to the blog (mostly baseball cards of course, but also some LEGO goodies).  In fact, there's been so much mail that it conjures up memories of my blog trading "glory years" like 2011 when I sent out 166 (!!) different trades!

While I definitely won't get anywhere near 166 trades this year, it has been fun having a mailbox blitz on my various want lists including today's PWE from Chris at The Collector which knocked off some cards from my 2018 Panini Donruss want list.

This particular trade was the result of one of my recent Trade Stacks - Chris claimed what ended up being a fairly large stack of cards and in exchange he sent me a trio of 2018 Donruss cards that I was still missing for my set including this neat Reds card featuring Tony Perez and Dave Concepcion.

Panini gets a lot of grief from collectors because of their lack of logos (which is fair) but it needs to be said that Panini often doesn't do themselves any favors.  I mean, look at the above card - why would you want to feature two head shots of retired Reds legends when you can't show any logos?!  There are clever ways to make interesting baseball cards where the lack of logos is less obvious (and jarring to the eyes) but this might be the worst way to design a card if you don't want people to notice that lack of logos.

The other two cards weren't nearly as interesting to me, but they were set needs which makes them just as valuable in my eyes!
Although neither of these cards is overly exciting, they are both decent examples of cards where the lack of logos isn't as immediately obvious as the Reds card shown above.  In fact, the Morrison card is pretty much perfect - the angle is such that your eye assumes there is a logo on the helmet and it's not obvious that there isn't.  The Freeland card isn't quite as good (you can clearly make out his blank cap) but again, it's not the spot where your eye first focuses unlike that Reds card.

And this concludes today's lesson on making logo-less cards not suck as much.

Thanks for the swap, Chris!  As for anyone else - if you want to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


  1. Donruss/Panini are hit or miss when it comes to hiding the lack of logos. I think the Freeland and LoMo are good examples, but those combo cards are probably not the best idea for them. At least it's a Reds card-even if you can't see the C.


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