My MLB Playoff Contest: UPDATE!

Prior to the start of the 2019 MLB Playoffs, I decided to hold a contest where anyone who correctly predicted the outcome of each of the various playoff series would be a winner (and win some free cards from yours truly).  I definitely expected multiple winners in the contest since I figured there were a lot of "locks" in this year's playoff bracket.

Oh, how wrong I was in my assumptions...and oh how wrong we all were in our predictions!

Case in point:  Every single entrant picked the Dodgers to win their first round matchup (against either the Nationals or Brewers) and we all know how that went.

How bad (as a group) were our predictions?  

We ended up with 18 entrants.  Of those 18 people, there are three people who "only" missed 3 picks (so far).  Another four people (including myself) missed 4 picks (so far).  On the flip side, one person picked every single match up (except one) incorrectly while another two people only got two picks correct.  No one picked the Nationals to win the World Series so if they do end up beating the Astros then our collective picks will be that much worse!

For the contest itself, I defined the winner to be the person that got all picks correct which obviously won't happen since the best anyone can do is miss three picks now.  I didn't think to make any sort of tie-breaker (mostly because I wanted to have the opportunity for multiple winners) so I guess we'll have to say that this contest is a lost cause.  I thought about doing a tie-breaker for the World Series pick but since everyone either picked Houston or a team that's already been eliminated, that doesn't help us either.  

No matter, it was still a fun contest and I think having the MLB playoffs be a bit more unpredictable this year was fun as well (especially since the Yankees didn't make it).  For now, I guess I'll have to come up with other ways to give away (or trade away) my cards - perhaps another "It's Gotta Go!" post is due soon.