Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help a Brother Out!

As my post title suggests, I'm asking you to help a brother out - but not just any youngest brother.  You see, he's been reading my blog off and on for quite some time and decided that he too wants to join in the blogging fun.  However, he's not exactly looking to write about baseball cards - he's more in it for the writing aspect (he's even written his own novel and he's not even out of college).  To this day I haven't even thought about trying to write a novel (and any longtime readers of my blog will understand my decision I'm sure).

Anyhow, he recently posted his first entry here which is the start of a sort of "choose your own adventure" kind of thing.  It'd be cool for him (I'm sure) if a couple of you would click on over and quickly vote for his three polls in the introductory post.

Once you are done voting, I'd also like to draw your attention to a few posts you might be interested in from my own family of blogs!

There's also a plethora of Group Break posts in my recent archives.  Speaking of the group break, I'm going to be mailing out ALL remaining packages tomorrow (Thursday).  Some people have already gotten theirs - the rest will be getting them in short order.

Finally, I'd like to thank ALL of you for reading my blog.  Although my blog numbers had been down for awhile, over the past few weeks I've seen a steady uptick in readers again.  It means a lot to me - and even more so that some of you have begun to visit my LEGO blog as well (found here).  I plan to keep Nachos Grande updated on a daily basis (right now two posts a day) while the LEGO blog will probably be more of a "one to three posts per week" sort of blog.

One more thing:  Since I took the time to toot my own horn here, it's your turn.  Leave a link to one of YOUR favorite blog entries that you've either written or read over the past week or so in the comments below.  Also, if you have added my blog to your blog roll and I haven't done the same for you - let me know.  I discovered a couple of missing blogs from my blog roll today that I was I had added a few months back.


Brad's Blog said...

Your on my blog roll! And my favorite recent post on my blog is the rainbow!

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