Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Gift Box #1: 1999 Fleer Ultra

Two things happened in December that are worth mentioning right now.  First, my wife bought me a pair of boxes of baseball cards for Christmas.  Second, I made some New Year Resolutions - one of which was the following:
3.  Decide which baseball sets to complete and which to give up on.
I used to try to put every single baseball card I owned in a 9-pocket page and binder (in order).  Now that my collection has grown well beyond the capabilities of my four small bookshelves, I need to re-think my old strategy.  Some of the partial sets will be easy to give up on (1990 Donruss, yuck) while others will take some more serious contemplation (1990 Fleer - maybe?).  This year, I'd like to find the time to organize all of my sets and (hopefully) make a little room on my shelves for 2013 sets!
One of my goals is to figure out which sets to keep working on and which to give up on.  Thanks to the box of 1999 Fleer Ultra from my wonderful wife, I'm going to guess that I'll keep working on the Ultra set!  Did I get anything good in the box?  Over the next few days, I plan to show the contents of the packs - sort of similar to my group break posts from the last few weeks.  Once I get the entire box busted (and sorted), you can expect another new set added to my want list!

The box holds 24 packs with 10 cards per pack - it should be a fun break for me!

1999 Fleer Ultra:
Pack 1:
43.  Edgar Renteria
48.  Andres Galarraga
63.  Devon White
96.  Mike Mussina

105.  Scott Erickson
122.  Travis Fryman
202.  Fred McGriff
212.  Checklist:  Alex Rodriguez
213.  Checklist:  Cal Ripken Jr.

162G.  Gold Medallion:  Jason Giambi

Each pack contains a Gold Medallion parallel - I'd love to land the Barry Larkin version since it's one of the Larkin cards that I don't currently own (at least, I don't think I do).  As for the set itself, I like almost every year of Fleer Ultra, including '99.  The photography is top notch - I'm guessing I'll have lots of choices of which card (or cards) to scan for each pack!

Pack 2:
40.  Rusty Greer
56.  Dean Palmer
135.  Bret Saberhagen
136.  Mariano Rivera

157.  Pete Harnisch
164.  Juan Encarnacion
175.  Mike Hampton
206.  Jose Canseco
243.  Prospect:  Ryan Minor

211G.  Gold Medallion:  Checklist:  Kerry Wood

The Prospect cards are seeded 1:4 packs (there are 25 in total).  It's a shame that this set has short prints, but at least there are only 25 such cards in the set.  Of course, if no one has any short prints from the set lying around, the set might reside on my want list for quite some time!  As for the pack itself, the Gold Medallion checklist is kind of cool.  I'll probably be willing to trade the gold parallels though, so if you see one that interests you let me know.


Jeff W said...

That Mussina is a fine card. Wonder if I can dime box that baby somewhere.

Roy-Z said...

I love, love, love, 1999 Ultra.

Love it.

Wait until you come across the David Wells. Classic card.

P-town Tom said...

That's a nice card of Kid-K. I can't believe he's retired now. Seems just like yesterday that he was mowing down 20 'Stros.

Community Gum said...

Just getting caught up on reading blogs again. I know I don't have anything for the Kerry Gold (or the more recently posted Frank Thomas insert), but hopefully I can find something as 2013 starts up to pry them away before other people get to them.

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