Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Blaster #3

Here's the third (of four) Topps Heritage Blasters from Wal*Mart... (blaster 1, blaster 2)

59 Base cards (no duplicates within the blaster, but I already had 15 cards from the previous two blasters, bring my total number of duplicates through 3 blasters to 17 cards).

I got three Cincinnati Reds in this blaster, which is probably closer to what I should expect. Unfotunately, I already had two of the three from my previous blasters, but at least the Keppinger card is new.

2 Short Prints (seeded 1:3 packs - cards #426 - 500):
445: John Smoltz
456: Boston Red Sox Coaches

Unfortunately, I didn't pull the John Smoltz super rare short print...that would have made up for the blaster lacking a short print that it statistically should have had. The short prints are hard enough to complete, I certainly can't afford blasters that have the correct amount of short prints in them!

1 Baseball Flashback (seeded 1:12):
BF8: Ernie Banks

1 News Flashback (seeded 1:12):
NF4: Civil Rights Act of 1960

1 Chrome Parallel (seeded 1:10 packs):
C45: Hanley Ramirez!

Through three blasters, I still am happy with 2009 Topps Heritage (though I still haven't seen any of those super short print variation cards). I find the packs fun to bust, even though I've now opened three blasters in a row - something I couldn't say about last year's Heritage set.


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