Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Delivery Time! Trade with David

Last week I mailed off a package containing a bunch of '09 Allen & Ginter base cards, short prints, and inserts that David needed. In return, blog reader David sent me a package full of cards off of my want list. My goal of finishing some of the sets I started is a little closer to reality now!

Let's dig in! Also, as a new change to my trade posts, I've decided to update how many cards I have remaining for any set that people send to me...maybe that way I'll keep motivated enough to actually finish some sets off before trying to collect too many 2010 sets!

2009 Topps American Heritage: Heroes Edition
(# of cards I'm missing: 18 base cards plus plenty of short prints and inserts)
8. Col. Gordon R. Roberts
17. Charles Weltner
43. Det. Frank Serpico

I like the first American Heritage set quite a bit, and I tried to like the second American Heritage set...but it simply isn't that interesting to me... And that, coupled with the fact that I've acquired almost no cards from this set via trades, means this set is in danger of being never completed...So please, help a guy out if you've got some of these sitting around - especially the base cards, I already don't care much about the short prints and inserts (except the Space ones, I'm still going for those).

2008 Topps Stadium Club:
(# of cards I'm missing: 14)
75. Ryan Howard

126. Mitch Boggs (version B)
141. Mike Aviles (version B)
148. Chris Perez (version A)
Woo! I'm only missing 14 cards from this crazy, crazy set. I've got all the base cards - it's just a matter of tracking down the last few First Day Issue cards and this set can be forever paged in my binder.

2008 Upper Deck Timeline:
(# of cards I'm missing: 40)
65. Evan Longoria

66. Jed Lowrie
148. Chase Utley
149. Derek Jeter
167. Ichiro
176. Clay Buchholz
224. Manny Ramirez
242. C.C. Sabathia

246. Justin Verlander
265. Ryan Braun
294. Brian Bocock
307. Brandon Boggs
314. Joey Votto

315. Clay Buchholz
317. Daric Barton
323. Brian Barton
326. Jesse Carlson
330. Alex Romero
333. Clayton Kershaw
335. Jed Lowrie
352. Emmanuel Burriss
355. Jay Bruce

358. Clayton Kershaw
372. Jay Bruce

379. Clayton Kershaw
380. Rico Washington
383. Wasley Wright

Speaking of crazy sets, the 2008 UD Timeline set is chock full of inserts (6 per pack, I believe) but at least now I've finally managed to get my needs list down to a respectable 40 cards. Will I ever finish this set, I'm not sure - but I haven't given up hope yet...it seems recent sales on boxes of this set have opened up new trading doors so to speak...

Thanks a lot David! And, as always, if anyone else would like to make a trade, check out my want list and make an offer.


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