Monday, November 29, 2010

Group Break: 2001 Topps HD - Pack 18

After opening this pack, there will be only two HD packs remaining in the box!  As it turns out, this particular pack is yet another mutant pack - it features five cards (including two inserts) instead of the stated four cards per pack.

2001 Topps HD:
Pack 18:

25.  Andruw Jones - Braves

This is a really ncie looking card - the photography actually does "jump" on some of the cards, this Jones being one of them.
73.  Jeff Cirillo - Rockies
84.  Rick Ankiel - Cardinals
GD8.  Vladimir Guerrero - Game Defined- Expos

The Game Defined are seeded 1:24 packs, making this a bit rarer than one-per-box.  Obviously a nice pull!
IE3.  Ernie Banks - Images of Excellence - Cubs

The Images of Excellence are seeded 1:8 packs - but since it's a retired Hall of Famer, it's a great card!  Not to mention that it looks pretty snazzy on its own!  

Another nice pack out of the HD box, I must say - this box has been great - it's included plenty of "mutant packs" with extra cards, many more inserts than promised plus a rare clear relic card!  Good stuff all around!


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