And It All Ends Up On eBay...

As the title suggests, I'm back to hawk my goods on eBay.  This time, it's my (modest) collection of autographs from the 2011 Allen & Ginter set.  I had hoped to collect the set but ran into a bit of a brick wall in terms of trades and affordable acquisitions.  Instead of trying to collect tons and tons of hits from various years of Ginter, I'm slowly selling off some of my collection in order to focus on this year's relic and auto set.  Here's a link to all of my auctions - want a heavy duty graduate mathematics textbook anyone?  And here are some images of the stuff I put up for sale.
The one card I don't mind keeping if I have to - I simply don't try and collect 1 of 1s because I can't afford them!

The last two cards are actually part of a lot of 92 different ad back mini cards.

Thanks for your support in my ongoing attempt to collect the 2012 Allen & Ginter set!  Finally, if you missed this morning's post - go visit it and then vote on the sidebar!