Saturday, March 16, 2013

Check Out (the Rest of) My Cards - Pt. 2

I showed the first half of my recent COMC buying spree a couple of days ago.  Now, let's turn our attention to the second half of the purchase.

For whatever reason, I decided to go all out in trying to complete my 2011 Topps Lineage set.  Oh sure, I've had the base set completed for quite some time - but it's the pesky inserts and parallels that needed assistance.

To begin with, I found the final Topps 3D card that I needed - and it just so happened to be of the Reds' newest member of the team:  Shin-Soo Choo

I'm excited to have the 3D set complete and I'm excited to see what Choo does as a member of my beloved Redlegs.

Speaking of the Reds, the remaining Lineage purchases were all Reds.  I decided to forgo trying to collect any of the full parallel sets.  Instead, I decided to track down only the Reds.  To begin with, I found the final Platinum parallel that I needed (and one time Elusive 8 member):

What a great looking card!

I was also able to purchase the final three diamond parallels that I needed for my psuedo-set:

I have to admit, I wasn't happy that the Bench diamond was so badly miscut - you can see a bit of a blue border on the back of the card...  Other than that, the order was ok in my book.

And finally, I added a pair of 1975 minis - the only parallel set out of the three that I still haven't been able to finish off.

For the record, I still need #33, 103, 137.

Moving away from Lineage, but sticking with the diamond theme.  I found one of the remaining 2011 Topps Diamond parallels that I needed in this Jorge De La Rosa card.

I've officially closed the diamond contest now that I have had to resort to buying up the missing cards for my set.  I hope to do the randomization for the prizes in the next few days.  Whoever thought it would take this long and I still wouldn't have the full set?  Sheesh.

Moving back in time, I found the final card that I needed for my 2009 American Heritage Heroes Edition set - one of the many Lincoln/Obama short prints.

It's not a very exciting card (especially because of how many of these there are in the set) but I'm happy to have the base set totally complete.  I am still missing a few of the Heroes of Sport and Heroes of Spaceflight - two sets that I'm not quite ready to give up on yet because I like them!

Finally, I bit the bullet and bought another card featuring Mickey Mantle - this one happened to be the final 2008 Topps Heritage Low Series Then & Now insert card that I needed for my set.

Thanks to my COMC purchase, I was able to put a serious dent in my want list - and I have to admit, it was a lot of fun knocking out so many complete sets with a single envelope.  Well worth the price of a blaster if you ask me!


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