Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Plowing Through the Mailbag! A Few Trades!

I've mentioned the fact that I'm way behind in posting trade packages a few times in the past couple of weeks. Despite the plethora of group break posts, I did manage to sneak in one or two trade packages...but I need to do better.  After all, my wife is getting sick of the stack of mail next to my desk!

I have a bunch of small envelopes and a few PWEs that I can probably sneak into a single post.  Let's see how this goes.

We begin our tour through the mailbag by opening a PWE from Marcus over at All the Way to the Backstop.  According to my records, Marcus and I have completed one trade for each of the last two years.  The first trade was quite the swap - each of us ended up with a much smaller want list.  This time around, things changed as we did a simple one-for-one swap.  Of course, I threw in a few Padres for good measure (after all, it's not every day I get to rid myself of excess Padres) and he threw in a bonus Red for me (with probably the same thought process in regards to excess cards)!

The card that I wanted?  This Dave Stewart Tall Boy insert from 2013 Topps Archives.

I'm getting closer and closer to completing this year's Archives set - though I do still need a few different inserts plus a couple of short prints.  As I mentioned above, Marcus also threw in an extra Red - a pretty snazzy Fleer Platinum card of Sean Casey!

Thanks Marcus!

Now, on to the next envelope...

The next trade is courtesy of the venerable Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  In some ways, I think the US Postal Service should send both Greg and I Christmas cards each year seeing as how the two of us seemingly single-handedly keep them in business.  By my count, this is the 59th package that we've exchanged since I started keeping track back in 2009.  That's an impressive total if you ask me!

For this particular package, Greg used a scatter shot approach on my want list which resulted in being able to fill a bunch of empty binder pocket pages - something that is immensely rewarding and enjoyable!

We begin with a Rockie - not just any Rockie though.  This is one of those Gypsy Queen white border parallels - a set that I was tempted into collecting by blog reader David back in July of this year.

Greg also sent me one of the elusive short prints from this year's Archives set.

Actually, the short prints aren't all that hard to's more that people simply didn't buy enough of the set (or so it seems) for their to be extras floating around for trading to me!  As such, getting even a single short print in a trade package makes me giddy.

Greg sent me a small stack of Allen & Ginter short prints - including the final card that I needed for the Across the Years insert set.  Unfortunately, it was a Yankee (Don Mattingly) so instead of scanning that I'll show you this gorgeous "out of bounds" SP that Greg also sent me - this time from the Topps' flagship set.

We end Greg's portion of the trade post with a great Woody Woodward card from 1971.  If my last name was Woodward I'd be pretty pissed if my parents named me Woody.  If, on the other hand, Woody was a nickname that I chose to go by then I'd be an idiot.

I don't have much in the way of vintage (except for some super vintage Allen & Ginter stuff from pre-1900).  Therefore, I'm always happy to get some old Reds - no matter the year or condition!  Thanks Greg!

My scanner can hold nine cards at a time - and I'm feeling sort of lazy (in terms of scanning - not writing obviously).  Therefore, let's take a look at one more package for the day...

The final package for this post is from blog reader Chris R.  I don't think Chris has a blog (correct me if I'm wrong Chris)!  Anyhow, he and I actually completed a pretty large trade - of which the envelope is still sitting by my desk.  Instead of showing that today, I'm going to show a PWE that he sent me after the fact.

Yep - a great looking Barry Larkin card for my collection!  For most of this year, I've done quite well in terms of adding cards to my collection...alas, I've fallen behind lately but at some point in the (hopefully) near future you can expect to see this card make its official entrance into my Larkin Collection.

Chris also sent me a pair of Brandon Phillips cards - one of which was this gorgeous purple bordered chrome card.

I don't usually buy Topps Chrome but I'm not sure why...I always seem to like the cards when I get them in a trade package!

Thanks Chris - and thanks to everyone else who has sent me trade packages lately.  I do promise to (eventually) show them all off, even if I have to group some together into a single trade post.

As you can see, I collect a ton of different stuff so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something I could use in case you want to work out a trade with me!  So, if you'd like to see your own trade package featured on my blog - check out my want list, make an offer, and then wait 2-4 weeks...or longer...for me to write up a post!


night owl said...

Glad what I sent didn't get buried into oblivion on your desk.

Chris Reed said...

My mail posts get delayed, but never lost! I somehow feel sort of guilty when I combine multiple trade packages into a single post but sometimes that's the only way to plow through an ever growing pile of mail!

Chris said...

I believe the Larkin and Phillips cards were from me, over at The Raz Card Blog. I remember lamenting that within a day or so of me sending out that Larkin, you posted that another blogger had beat me to the punch on that particular card.

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