Friday, February 07, 2014

Fat Man and a Little Glove!

Note:  My group break is still taking sign-ups.  I'm hoping to have the sign-ups complete before the weekend so that I can use part of my weekend opening packs and writing posts!  I need to sell some more slots though - so click here to see what teams still remain and join in on the fun!!


My 1998 Fleer Tradition box is finally winding down...just in time for to ramp up the upcoming group break!  For now though, let's crack another couple of packs and see what we get!

Pack 29:
363.  Chili Davis
368.  Matt Lawton
441.  Charles Johnson
451.  Cecil Fielder

Fat man and a little glove!
464.  Jorge Fabregas
490.  Denny Neagle
554.  Ryan Jackson
561.  Dante Bichette
575.  Checklist:  Frank Thomas
Vintage '63:  65.  Jay Bell - Diamondbacks
Diamond Ink point (1 point):  Jay Buhner

Not a lot of interest in that pack - lots of duplicates actually.  Let's hope the next pack is better.

Pack 30:
374.  Jeff Conine
445.  Mike Blowers
471.  Scott Brosius

This is a pretty cool looking card - I like the various actions happening (Brosius' eyes, the shortstop flipping, the flying dirt, etc.)
484.  Jamey Wright
501.  Jose Mercedes
534.  Michael Tucker
541.  Cliff Politte
574.  Checklist:  Cal Ripken Jr.
Vintage '63:  124.  Paul Sorrento - Rays
14 of 20 PF.  Promising Forecast:  Magglio Ordonez - White Sox

Another weather related card - love these still!  I was hoping to pull the Sean Casey Promising Forecast card but I guess I'll settle for the Magglio Ordonez.
Diamond Ink point (1 point):  Tony Womack


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That Promising Forecast insert is so cool.

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