Friday, December 19, 2014

Group Break NOW OPEN! Only 11 Slots Remain (Dodgers, Indians, Braves, Orioles, Cubs, Astros, Angels, Brewers, Athletics, Padres/D-backs, & Expos/Nationals)!

My final group break for 2014 is here - and I'm taking sign-ups right now!  In fact, I will admit that sign-ups have gone better than expected (though I am still waiting for a bunch of payments) given the timing before the holidays...but I do think this break will be the perfect after-holidays-present for you!  Lots of unopened boxes, a guaranteed hit (or more) per team slot, plus each slot ends up with a full flat rate box of cards (and possibly other goodies related to the team(s) of their choice)!

At the moment, there are still 11 unclaimed slots - and I'd love to get the break filled up so we can start the busting of packs!  Last time I did a group break reminder post, I added in a few "bonus" packs to the pool with some decent let's try that again this time!

First, how about two rack packs of 2007 Topps?

Each pack contains 22 cards (plus a stick of gum that I will mercifully NOT put in anyone's package unless you have a fetish for 7 year old gum).  For those that might be wondering, the four visible cards (2 per pack) are Ray Durham of the Giants, Vladimir Guerrero of the Angels (slot still available), Chien-Ming Wang of the Yankees, and Casey Fossum of the Rays.

Next, to help perhaps convince someone to claim a couple of the other unclaimed slots - here are two of the "other team goodies" in the break.

These are fully licensed Topps SportsClix figures from 2004.  I have a couple of these figures that will be going in packages including a Steve Finley for the Diamondbacks (combined slot available with the Padres) and Jay Gibbons of the Orioles (slot available as well).

So you get the contents of the above packs, plus the eight bonus packs from the other day, plus the real part of the break which is four unopened boxes (TEK x2, Stadium Club, & Triple Play) (and a single pack of Topps Chipz) the remainder of the flat rate box filled with cards of your team slot from my personal collection with at least one guaranteed hit per slot!
Just some of the goodies in the upcoming group break!

What are you waiting for?  Go here to join!

Available team slots:

  • Atlanta Braves  
  • Baltimore Orioles 
  • Chicago Cubs 
  • Cleveland Indians 
  • Houston Astros 
  • Los Angeles Angels 
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • Milwaukee Brewers 
  • Oakland Athletics 
  • San Diego Padres & Arizona Diamondbacks 
  • Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos 

As always, go here to claim your team!


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