Friday, May 15, 2015

New Changes at Nachos Grande?

Way back in 2011, I polled my readers in regards to a possible switching of my blog's template.  By that point in time, I had grown tired of my old template and wanted something fresher.  What ended up happening from that conversation is the current blog template!

Now, about four years later, I'm once again at a point where I'm sick and tired of how my blog looks.  I'd love another makeover - and once again, I'm asking all of you for your input.

Here is a potential NEW template for my blog.  You'll notice that I filled in a few things just to see how it would look but the majority of the template is placeholders and gobblygook.

I would appreciate it immensely if you'd take a minute or two to check out the new template and then return here and give me your feedback on what you like/dislike about it.  The sidebar on the right will need some reordering of the elements (and some added/subtracted) but I think it gives a pretty good indication of what the blog would look like.


Ryan G said...

I think it's fine. Mainly because you should do whatever you like. I enjoy the color scheme though. And I enjoy the mouse-over menus too... yes I know you have those already.

But yeah. Do what you like.

JediJeff said...

The new design is good. Nothing wrong with changing it up. I am going to go a different direction on one thing Ryan said though: Don't like the color scheme. The blue seems too bright for the dark background.

Tony L. said...

I like the other template -- it's very clean and easy to read. But, in the end, I'm with Ryan -- if you like the new template, then do it and make it yours. When it's all said and done, I guarantee you look at your blog more than anyone else does -- so make sure you like it!

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