Expanding the Collection: Trying for Another 2007 Allen & Ginter Mini Set! (Snakes!)

A few days ago, I showcased one of the newest sets that I decided to try and complete for my personal collection.  That set was the Flags of All Nations from 2007 Allen & Ginter (post 1 and post 2).  Now, it is time to show off one more set that I've decided to work on from the 2007 A&G set:  The World's Deadliest Snakes!

The Snakes set was a stealth insert (I believe) back in '07.  In fact, I attribute a lot of my love of Ginter to this particular set - I pulled a Snake card back in the day and thought it was cool to get something that wasn't listed on the pack wrapper at all.  Of course, back then I ended up selling the card to help pay for a portion of my box...a decision that stinks now but it was necessary back then!

As I mentioned, there are only five cards in the set - and with today's card being my first card from the set I'm already 20% done!  I should note that the Snakes were case hits back in 2007 - so I doubt I'll be adding any more to my collection any time soon...but hey, you never know - and I have to start somewhere if I am to every finish off every single Allen & Ginter mini insert from the entire series of cards!