Saturday, April 01, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 01: A Card from the Current Year with a Photo You Like

Tony, over at Off Hiatus Baseball, put together a 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge.  The main idea being that there is a new topic every day, for 30 days.  Since April is one of the busiest months of the year for me (it's the end of the semester and this year I have term papers in two different classes to read and grade, plus the usual final exams, etc.).

 Anyhow, this seems like the perfect month for a bunch of "guided" prompts - so thank you Tony!

Day 01:  A card from the Current Year with a Photo You Like

Alright, immediately I have to "cheat" here and go with a card that I got this year...but it's not a 2017 card.

That's a 2008 Topps Stadium Club card of Hernan Iribarren from my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.  Not any old card of his though, but rather it's the "B" version where the image on the front of the card is different than the small photo on the backside of the card.  Each of the 1st Day Issue cards have two versions...and tracking them down has proven to be quite difficult (I can't tell you the number of times someone has sent me the wrong version by accident).

So why do I like this rather boring image?  Easy, it's finally the "other" image of Iribarren.  I've had the other version of his card forever...and now I can finally knock this one off of my want list (which leaves me with only two other cards from the 2008 Stadium Club set that I'm still missing).

2008 Topps Stadium Club Needs(Note: You can find my '08 Stadium Club cards available for trade here)
First Day Issue: (So it appears that the first day issue cards are all divisible by 3, at least in retail packs, for all the base cards. The rookie cards all (?) appear to have two versions. I'll try to update this list when/if I find a better, more definitive definition of what is out there, until then I'm calling the "a" version the version with the picture on the front that matches the picture on the back while the "b" version will be the version with the picture on the front NOT matching the picture on the back.) With that, here is what I need:
15, 78

Oh, and if you are wondering why I didn't go with a 2017 baseball card, it's easy:  I haven't yet bought a single new baseball card from a 2017 brand.  I do plan on collecting Allen & Ginter again this year, and maybe Stadium Club or something else...but the flagship set didn't interest me and I've sworn off Topps Heritage until I get at least two more earlier years completed (stupid short prints)!

Thanks for the fun blog idea Tony - I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else does with the various prompts as well!


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