Monday, June 05, 2017

Group Break: Calling All Blue Jay Fans! (And I Made ESPN's #1 Top Play - for real!)

As you may know, I am hosting my first group break of 2017 in a couple of days.  However, before I can start ripping boxes I need to sell out the break.  At the moment that I'm writing this post, there are still five slots remaining (each slot gets one team of your choice and one random team).

In an effort to entice people to help me fill the break, I'm going to offer up a special "bonus" for anyone that claims the Blue Jays as their team in the break (go here to sign up).

The bonus?

It's a pack of "Swing into Safety" cards from the Toronto Blue Jays game last week.  You see, I actually went to the final two games of the Blue Jays / Reds game (the Reds lost both games but we wont't talk about that here).  At one of those games, the Blue Jays gave away this little deck...I didn't open mine so you'll get the joy of opening it up (I have no idea what the contents look like)!

Speaking of the Reds / Blue Jays game:  I made ESPN's #1 play on their Top Ten for May 30.  Thanks to a Facebook friend who (somehow) spotted me while watching ESPN in real time, I was able to find the video on YouTube and grab a screen shot...
This is only a screenshot - the full video is below.
I'm the guy in the bottom left with the Reds' gear on (white and gray hat).  My youngest brother is sitting next to me (red and white hat) and my dad is sitting next to him (hidden in this screenshot but you can see him in the video).

Speaking of the video, here it is.  Skip to 2:39 to see the #1 play...and then wait until the very end to see my dad, brother, and myself cheer!

Pretty cool stuff for me - and hopefully that bonus pack of cards (or whatever it is) is a cool addition for some Blue Jay fan to jump in on the group break.


buckstorecards said...

That's their annual fire safety team set, usually given out a weekday game in combined promotion with Toronto schools.

Mark Hoyle said...

You will have to print and frame that

Doe M.G. said...

Cool. :)

John Hazen said...

that is so very cool. wtg.

Matthew Scott said...

That is awesome!

B Man said...


Julie Owens said...

way cool! great seats!!!!!!!!

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