Monday, June 05, 2017

Help Me Fill My Group Break! A Preview of What's to Come!

I am going to host my first group break of 2017 - a break that will include four boxes of 2017 products (Two boxes of Topps Archives along with one box each of Topps Bunt and Panini Diamond Kings).  In addition, I'll be rounding out everyone's small flat rate mailer boxes with cards from my own collection - meaning everyone will get a ton of cards out of the break.

However, in order to make the break a success I need to sell the remaining slots (and I have a bunch of slot remaining as of the time of this post).  Go here to sign up.

As I mentioned above, I will be filling a small flat rate mailer for each slot in the break - and as a preview of some of the possibilities as to what you may find in your box, here's a series of snapshots that I took while sorting my collection (each pile represents a different team).  Note that most team piles are now larger than what could fit in a single flat rate mailer, so you won't get every card shown.  In addition, I have a bunch of inserts, parallels, and autos/relics that I'll be adding into the piles as well, most of those aren't shown in the photographs either.

Again, that's simply a taste of what you can expect!

Join the break now, it should be a great one!


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