Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Group Break Sign-Ups: Lots of Great Teams Remain!

My latest (and probably last) group break of 2018 is now live!  Go here to sign up.

What's in the break you ask?  Well, lots of great stuff - so much so that I haven't even fully revealed all of the boxes.  That said, there is an advantage to claiming (and paying) early - you can be sure your team is available! 

I will say that the final three boxes are on their way to my house and will be at my house when I get home from work. 

Oh.  Did you catch that?

Three boxes.

Yeah.  It wouldn't be a Nachos Grande group break if I didn't have a little something extra in there for you, now would it?

That will bring our total up to EIGHT boxes - and yes, I will reveal the final three boxes soon (I'll need to inspect them and take photographs first)...and once I do, I certainly expect the final few slots will get claimed quickly.  Once they do, we can get the break going in earnest! 

Also, for those that haven't yet paid, please do so ASAP!


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