Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Trade Bait Blowout: Volume 01: The Returns Are Coming In - Too Many Verlanders

At the end of 2018, I posted a HUGE list of cards that I was making available as part of my Trade Bait Blowout.  My goal was simple:  rid myself of cards that don't fit in my collection and add cards that do fit into my collection (or add LEGO which was just as good in my book).

The first of the trades that I ended up working out arrived at my house right around Christmas time from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders.  Not surprising, Dennis claimed one of my Tigers relic - but not just any relic but a Justin Verlander relic from 2017 Allen & Ginter.  He also claimed a football card of Thomas Rawls numbered out of 99.  I ended up with a bunch of nice (but random) football inserts earlier in 2018 so I'm happy to see at least one or two of them go to move loving homes than what I can provide!

So what did I get in return?  Well, a number of good things that definitely fit better into my collection, that's what!

First up, a few Barry Larkin cards. 

I needed both of those "micro" cards - the regular sized Sportflics card is there simply for scale in the scan. 

Although I am most definitely a Barry Larkin collector first and foremost, I have set aside cards of a number of other players (mostly Reds, but not entirely).  Dennis managed to hit three of my "mini" player collections with a nice Adam Dunn, a Brandon Phillips autograph, and a sweet Sean Casey relic with a red pinstripe.

All of those are nice and all three are much better fits for my collection than what I gave up to acquire them!  That was the entire goal of my Trade Bait Blowout so to have it work so nicely with the very first package gives me hope!

Finally, I have to show off one last card from Dennis - even though it isn't a baseball card.

That's an awesome Iguanodon patch from the 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs set.  I LOVE the UD Dinosaurs set - so much so that I'm (slowly) adding these patch cards to my collection whenever I can.  It's been awhile since I landed one in a trade - and this was an awesome surprise ending to what was a great trade package! 

Many, many thanks Dennis!  (and by the way Dennis, you package is going out in the mail today)

If you are interested in a trade, I still have a TON of trade bait leftover.  I made it easier and organized everything by sport and then team (in the case of baseball).  Go here to check it all out.


bbcardz said...

Mini-cards, a relic, an auto, and a dino-patch--very nice pickups!

Dennis said...

I was excited to add a few Larkins to your PC and grab a dino patch too. I can't see those without singing the theme song to the Dinosaucers cartoon from when I was a kid!

Fuji said...

You can never get enough Sportflics and dinosaur manufactured relics! Solid stuff from Dennis as usual.

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