Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reducing the Want Lists: 2009 Topps

After a bit of a debate, I've decided that I cannot chase as many sets as I thought I could. Between time, and more importantly finances, I simply don't have the means to complete as many sets and corresponding insert sets as I originally planned. As such, I decided to reduce my want list starting with 2009 Topps.

For Series 1, I've already completed the entire white bordered base set as well as most of both the black bordered and throwback sets. Since I'm so close to having all three versions complete, I will still be actively trading for the few missing cards from those. I also decided to complete the white bordered Series 2 set, but as I wrote here, I was digusted by Topps' money grab and ruled out trying to collect either of the Series 2 retail parallel sets.

For the insert sets, I decided I might as well try to finish off the Turkey Reds (especially since I just traded for a bunch of those) and the World Baseball Classics. I'm also going to try to complete the Legends of the Game set (I'm missing only one from Series 1 and a few from Series 2). I'm also a few cards away from the Career Best Legends set which I'll try to finish off as well.

So, that said, what aren't I collecting from the set?

Basically, the two "big money" insert sets. I'm not going to try to collect the Commemorative Patch cards NOR am I going to try to complete the Short Print legend cards. I've already traded for a few of the Short Prints (giving up rather hefty hauls in the process) but after all these months I'm still not very close to completing either set. As such, I'll be willing to trade (or sell if that's your thing) any of my Short Prints and/or Commemorative Patch cards for other cards on my want list. Within a couple of days, whatever cards aren't traded away will probably be listed on eBay to help me recoup some of my costs from Allen & Ginter.

Commemorative Patch cards for trade/sale:
LPR-27: Ernie Banks

LPR-54: Walter Johnson

LPR-56: Lou Gehrig
LPR-56: Lou Gehrig (not sure how I ended up with two of these...whoops!)

LPR-57: Babe Ruth

Short Prints for trade/sale:
10. Rogers Hornsby

30. Jackie Robinson

44. Barack Obama

60. Cy Young

290. Lou Gehrig

350. Ryne Sandberg

For reference, my want list can be found here.


William said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my post. I definitely want to fill out my A&G set, but haven't had much time to go through my stuff. I'm working on moving, so that is taking up a lotof my time. I will keep in touch though.

Dan said...

I will gladly trade you for all the SPs. Do you want only a&G for them or anything from your wantlists? Let me know & I'll come up with a list for you.

FanOfReds said...

Thanks for all the comments and emails. I wanted to clarify a couple of things.
I'm doing this to complete many of my sets. A quick search on eBay told me that I can expect between 8 and 30 dollars per short print, so that's what I'm looking for in either sales and/or trades. As for actual trading, I'm looking for any cards off my want lists, the more sets I can complete, the happier I'll be!

Drew said...

I was curious in the Gehrig SP and Gehrig patch thing. email me at yanks1996wsc@gmail.com please. Unless you have some Ginter for trade too, the deal isn't complete if the SP isn't in there. Thanks, Drew

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