Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Best of Nachos Grande in 2015: Better Know a Blogger!

As the year 2015 winds down, more and more blogs will start doing countdowns and other "best of" posts celebrating the year that was.  For myself, 2015 was actually a fairly terrible year on many fronts but it had just enough of a silver lining that I think I'll be alright as we head into 2016.

For the my blog, 2015 also had its ups and downs...but I'd say overall I had more ups!  The biggest down was probably a dwindling reader base but even that has picked back up over the past few weeks (which is surprising since usually November and December are relatively "dead periods" on baseball-centric blogs)!

I'll probably do another post talking about my resolutions for 2015, but that's for a different day.  For today, I wanted to highlight the single post popular blog series that I've come up with to date.

Better Know a Blogger.

I conducted email "interviews" with any blogger who agreed to join in the fun.  Since we are wrapping up 2015, here's the link to each interview - I invite you to check them all out...and perhaps between all of the answers we could fix what ails the baseball card hobby as a whole!

Enjoy the reading!
  • Jared (from Catching Up with Collecting)
  • Weston (from Fantastic Catch)
  • Fuji (from Chronicles of Fuji)
  • Jeroen (from The Dutch Card Guy)
  • Paul (from Wrigley Wax)
  • Matthew (from Dodger Penguin)
  • David (from Tribe Cards)
  • Mark (from Collector's Crack)
  • Marcus (from All the Way to the Backstop)
  • Brad (from Red Sox Fan in Nebraska)
  • AJ (from the Lost Collector)
  • Julie (from A Cracked Bat)
  • Play at the Plate (from Play at the Plate)
  • Commishbob (from 5 Tool Collector)
  • Stealing Home (from All Trade Bait, All the Time)
  • Matt (from Cardboard Conundrum)
  • JayBee Anama (from bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog)
  • Caitlin (from Yankees & Jays)
  • Tony L. (from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards)
  • Ana Lu (from Hobby Cards Europe)
  • Drew (from Drewscards)
  • Adam K. (from Infield Fly Rule Cards)
  • Ryan (from This Card is Cool)
  • Kevin (from The Card Papoy)
  • Alex (from Chavez Ravining)
  • Nick (from Baseball Dime Box)
  • William (from Foul Bunt)
  • Charlie (from Lifetime Topps)
  • Andrew (from Andrews Baseball Cards)
  • Joe (from Shlabotnik Report)
  • T.J. (from The Junior Junkie)
  • Tim (from I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)
  • John (from Johnny's Trading Spot)
  • Tony (from Wrigley Roster Jenga)
  • Adam (from Cardboard Clubhouse)
  • Matt (from Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits)
  • Frankie (from My Life in the Sports Card Hobby)
  • Chris (from Nachos Grande)
I had a blast with all of the above interviews - and the entire series was definitely a highlight of 2015 for me (both for the blog and for me in general).  Thanks once again to everyone who participated (either by being interviewed or simply by reading and commenting as the posts were released).  

I hope everyone has a wonderful end of 2015 and an excellent 2016!  And don't worry, I'm not going anywhere for the remainder of the year...I was simply feeling a bit nostalgic today!


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