Barry Larkin Collection 360: 1996 Leaf - #122

Group Break! SIXTEEN TEAMS REMAIN (Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, Phillies, Rangers, Blue Jays, and More)!!

Topps Museum, Gypsy Queen, Panini Diamond Kings, + More GROUP BREAK: Giants, Yankees, Dodgers, Nationals, Indians, White Sox, Rangers, Phillies, + More!

Delivery Time! My First 1/1 Barry Larkin Card!

New Group Break: Topps Museum, Topps Gypsy Queen, Panini Diamond Kings, Bowman, + More! (Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, Cardinals, Rangers, Indians, Phillies, and MORE)!!

New Group Break: Topps Museum, Gypsy Queen, + Three More Boxes (Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Yankees, Giants, Cardinals, Nationals, and More Available)!!

New Group Break! 5 Boxes including Topps Museum & Topps Gypsy Queen

NEW GROUP BREAK SIGN-UPS: FIVE boxes including Topps Museum, Gypsy Queen, and Others!

The Great Reorganization: Step 11: More Year-by-Year Sorting (2001 Edition)

Trade Stack 67: Previewing Tomorrow's Blog Post!!

Barry Larkin Collection 359: 1996 Fleer Update - #230 - Tiffany Parallel

Trade Stack 67: SEVEN Cards in the Stack - Will You Claim It?!

Barry Larkin Collection 358: 1996 Fleer Update - #230

Any Interest in a 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen FULL CASE Group Break?

Delivery Time! Might as Well Be Last: The Junior Junkie Haul including a Card from the Future!!?

Barry Larkin Collection 357: 1996 Fleer - #345 - Tiffany Parallel

Delivery Time! Cards from My Brother!

Barry Larkin Collection 356: 1996 Score - #5

Trade Stack 67: 6 Cards in the Stack - Shiny, Miscut, Dirty, You Name It!