Happy New Year's Eve! (2 Packs for your Viewing Pleasure)

A Look Back at my 2013 New Year's Resolutions!

Pulling a Serially Numbered Card Out of a 1998 Baseball Card Product

A Bonds Card that Even Bonds Haters Will Have to Like!

Trade Stack 57: Beginning Anew with Something Gold and Shiny!

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A Mini Poster Most Wanted - FOUND!

The First of the Christmas Boxes to be Opened!

Barry Larkin Collection 233: 1993 Donruss - #426

It's a Baseball Card Christmas!

Barry Larkin Collection 232: 1991 Classic Series II - #T33

Merry Christmas!

It's Hard to Believe...

Barry Larkin Experiment: The Results of the Latest Vote are In!

Tales of Listia: A (Drawn Out) Success Story!

Trade Stack 56: Move Along, Nothing to See Here (Don't Say You Weren't Warned)

Delivery Time! Cards from Across the Pacific!

Barry Larkin Collection 231: 1991 Line Drive Collect-a-Books - #31

Raiding the Pack Stash!