Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Barry Larkin Experiment: Round 1I

By the time the voting ends for this round, we will be 36% of the way complete with the first round.  As usual, the top two vote getters move on to the second round.

Here are your candidates - the second consecutive vote with all cards from 1993.  As I keep mentioning, the years start to get shuffled a bit more soon!  For now though, let's send another pair of 1993 Larkin cards on to the second round, shall we?

1993 Topps Black Gold:

The Topps Black Gold cards were quite the pull back in 1993.  In fact, out of all the cards that I got as a kid, not once did one of my packs contain a Black Gold insert.  Maybe that was because most of my packs were purchased at the grocery store?  I don't know, but I do know I was excited to check out this card the first time I held it in my hands.  Will the old hype be enough to push the card into the second round though, that's the real question at the moment!

1993 Topps Black Gold Winner:

Here's a card that probably doesn't deserve to move on - and yet, if you pulled this in a pack back in 1993 it would have been one of the best pulls of the year!  Time sure can be a cruel mistress, huh?  You have to blow the image up (unless you have amazing vision) but there is a mini Larkin card featured...  If there was ever a dark horse card in the competition, this is it.

1993 Upper Deck base:

Everyone seems to love the '93 Upper Deck set for reasons I can't quite figure out.  Personally, I was never a fan of script fonts on my baseball cards so that was strike one.  Years later, if you open a pack of '93 Upper Deck for some reason, you'll be sure to dislike them since the cards tend to stick together.   That said, I have to admit that the photo on the front of this card is probably one of my favorite Larkin photos out of all the cards I own.  It's different, yet not weird.  Good stuff there.

1993 Upper Deck Red October: 

The '93 Upper Deck set featured a bunch of team cards with a few key players highlighted.  Unfortunately, by the time 1993 came around there wasn't much of a chance of October baseball for the Reds - which isn't surprising if Roberto Kelly is one of your top five players on your team (no disrespect to him, but sheesh).

In another strange turn of events, this round ended up with only two sets represented - '93 Topps Black Gold and '93 Upper Deck base.  Will either brand deliver the knockout punch and send both representatives on or will they have to settle this in a third round later on?


night owl said...

As you know I think '93 Upper Deck is the best set they ever did. But I'm not much of a fan of this Larkin card. Black gold all the way!

Yougabsports said...

I'd have to go with the 1993 Topps Black Gold. I remember that particular subset as being a fun change of pace for collectors. This card captures Larkin in a great follow-through that we all came to know him by. Out of this round, that's my pick.

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