Friday, March 01, 2013

February 2013: In Review

Another month is in the books.  Let's take a look back at my February.

Previous monthly summaries:  
January 2013

February wasn't quite as cold as January which was good but the slightly warmer temperatures meant more sleet and slush rather than snow to shovel.  I certainly don't mind not having to shovel...but driving in slush isn't much fun either.  I'm hoping the groundhog was actually correct so that we have an early spring!

What were the highlights from February?  Well, to begin with I didn't open a single pack of 2013 Topps so things were sort of quiet on the new card front (for now).  Luckily, there are plenty of other things related to the hobby to keep me interested besides the newest packs.

Besides baseball cards, I also had a few other hobby events occur:

All things considered, February wasn't such a bad month!  I did neglect my LEGO blog for the second half of the month (something that I'll attempt to rectify going forward into March) but otherwise I think I did fairly well.

I thank all of you for visiting, reading, and even occasionally commenting on my drivel.  Have a great March everyone!


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