The Barry Larkin Experiment: Results & More Voting!

I've begun the process of organizing my collection a bit (as I promised I would).  I'm sure some of the results of the organization process will show up on the blog shortly.  However, it's not only the physical world that needs organizing, so too does my Barry Larkin Experiment.

For those of you who are new to my blog, the Barry Larkin Experiment began with a series of 25 "seeding" votes (where each vote allowed participants to select their favorite card out of four possible nominees).  The cards were the first 100 cards that I typed up and included in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection.  The goal is to narrow the first 100 cards in my collection to the best of the best.

There's a chance that I'll do something similar for the next 100 cards, but quite honestly, this is more work than I thought it would be (and I think it only interests a small niche of people based on the voting numbers).  Even so, I began the process so I'll at least see the first bracket through to completion.  Speaking of brackets, here's a link to the updated bracket.

Last round of voting consisted of two different match ups (further details here).  Here are the results of YOUR votes:
In a blowout, the '93 Fleer Ultra moves on to the next round to square off against the #2 seed in the bracket.  That should make for a fun vote when we get there.

A close vote but the #15 seeded oddball card manages to squeak past the 50th seed Triple Crown.  This particular match up could have been a fairly large upset but instead it "built character" for the Tombstone card.

Now it's time to turn our attention to the next couple of votes.  As usual, the winner moves on and the loser goes home.  Who makes it to the second round?  You decide by voting on the sidebar to the right -->

Round 16:
#18:  1992 Pinnacle vs. #47:  2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Bronze (#251/299)

I'm not sure what to make of this match up.  The Pinnacle card is a much higher seed, but personally I find the Greats of the Game card to be a much nicer card (not to mention the fact that it is serially numbered out of only 299).

Round 17:
#7:  1990 Upper Deck vs. #58:  1998 Pinnacle Performers

While the first vote might be an interesting one between lopsided seeds, I don't anticipate this vote being particularly close.  The Upper Deck card is seeded #7 for a reason, it's a great looking piece of cardboard.  The '98 Pinnacle card isn't a bad card per se, but I don't see it upsetting the Upper Deck card.