Friday, February 01, 2013

January 2013: In Review

Now that January has come to a close, I figured it's a good time to take a look at the month that is no longer.  Between the snow storms, wind storms, and ice storms, this January has been rather crappy in terms of weather...and that's not even mentioning the week and a half of temperatures that barely got out of the teens. Luckily, while the weather was terrible, my blogging experience was not.  In fact, a lot happened this month!

There were a few other highlights, but those were the big ones for this month at Nachos Grande.  Besides the above links, a few other highlights for me:
And finally, I completed nearly 10 different trades without actually buying a single pack of cards this month.  I'm looking forward to February - and since it's a short month it means spring is getting ever closer.  Feel free to leave any comments with your highlights for the month of January...and may all of you have a great February!



Congrats on a great month ! You got a lot more accomplished than I did. We're close on posts though. I have 4250. Opps, I mean 425 !!
I have a rare Saturday off tomorrow, and my wife has a rare Sunday to work,so I hope to get some "stuff" done this week-end.

Brad's Blog said...

I completed my Mickey Mantle Vintage collection! That was my big accomplishment

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