Trade Stack 31: Only the Third Double Digit Trade Stack Thus Far!

Here is how this works:
Every so often (i.e. whenever I feel like it), I will add a card to a "Trade Stack".  Whenever the stack becomes appealing enough to someone, that person needs to comment on the post saying they'd like to claim the stack AND tell me which card they are sending off of my want list.  That's all you have to do - trade me ONE card (or more, of course) card from my want list for the entire stack of cards that I'm offering.  Each time, it will be first come, first act quickly (unless of course you are a gambler and hope to wait it out until there are 10+ cards in the stack that you want in exchange for a single 2004 UD Vintage card that I am looking for)!

The Trade Stack:
Last update:  11/25/11

It's time for another addition to the trade stack - which means the stack is now sitting at ten cards.  It's officially tied for the second largest trade stack in the history the blog feature - and the entire thing can be yours for the low, low "price" of at least one card off my want list.  I'm also tired of the whole World Series theme now that November is almost over - so if this stack isn't claimed on this card, you can expect more variety in terms of teams/subjects starting with card #11.  Thus, all you Rangers and/or Cardinals fans might want to jump in now or else risk losing out on all that good stuff in the stack.  After all, with the latest Rangers card that stack has exactly five cards from each of the two World Series teams.  It's hard to beat that, right?

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes:
12.  Josh Hamilton

1998 UD Collector's Choice:
247.  Darren Oliver - Rangers

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter:
227.  Nelson Cruz - Rangers  

1998 Pinnacle Performers:
124.  Eli Marrero - Cardinals

1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice:
4.  Dmitri Young - Cardinals

2011 Topps Lineage:
189.  Jaime Garcia - Cardinals  

2011 Topps:
334.  Cardinals

2010 Topps National Chicle:
188.  Rich Harden - Rangers

2011 Topps Heritage: 
411.  Michael Young - Rangers

1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice:
Star Quest - Special Delivery
SQ41.  Ray Lankford - Cardinals  

Want the card(s) in the stack?  Act fast - tell me which card you will send me off my want list in the comments below!  If no one claims this card within a reasonable amount of time (a few hours up to a few days, depending) - I'll add another card to the stack and the process will start again!

Previously Claimed Trade Stacks:
Stack 01:  2 cards by dayf
Stack 02:  8 cards by Justin
Stack 03:  17 cards by Cam
Stack 04:  4 cards by Cam
Stack 05:  9 cards by Daily Dimwit
Stack 06:  4 cards by The Lost Collector
Stack 07:  1 card by Baseball Dad
Stack 08:  1 card by M. Spiegel
Stack 09:  6 cards by bwsmith25
Stack 10:  6 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 11:  1 card by Patrick
Stack 12:  5 cards by Matt B.
Stack 13:  4 cards by Steve G.
Stack 14:  3 cards by ShaneK
Stack 15:  7 cards by Ryan G
Stack 16:  1 card by longlivethewho
Stack 17:  4 cards by hiflew
Stack 18:  4 cards by Potch
Stack 19:  2 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 20:  5 cards by by Play at the Plate
Stack 21:  5 cards by BA Benny
Stack 22:  1 card by IkesCards
Stack 23:  8 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 24:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 25:  2 cards by Jeff P.
Stack 26:  10 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 27:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 28:  7 cards by ThingsAreFunnerHere
Stack 29:  3 cards by TheBrooklynMet
Stack 30:  4 cards by Adam C.
Stack 31:  ?? by ?? 


  1. Double digits! I'll take it. I've got a Diamond Parallel #600 for you. I'll probably add to it as well.


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