Trade Stack 38: An Even Dozen Cards!

Here is how this works:
Every so often (i.e. whenever I feel like it), I will add a card to a "Trade Stack".  Whenever the stack becomes appealing enough to someone, that person needs to comment on the post saying they'd like to claim the stack AND tell me which card they are sending off of my want list.  That's all you have to do - trade me ONE card (or more, of course) card from my want list for the entire stack of cards that I'm offering.  Each time, it will be first come, first act quickly (unless of course you are a gambler and hope to wait it out until there are 10+ cards in the stack that you want in exchange for a single 2004 UD Vintage card that I am looking for)!

The Trade Stack:
Last update:  5/17/12

I admit that I haven't been terribly consistent with the trade stacks - in fact, Trade Stack #38 has been active for over a month now because I've been updating it so slowly.  I'm bound and determined to change that though - so let's add our twelfth card to the stack and see if we can't get a bite finally!  Remember though, you can get the entire stack for any ONE card off my want list!

Today's card is a special one - a promo card for all your oddball collectors!  The back of the card explains how the phone cards will work ($10 each - "phone service provided by a high quality and reliable long distance provider").  I'm guessing my younger readers won't remember the days of phone cards - but I know that I do.  I can remember having to stockpile various phone cards whenever I went away to summer camp - or even a sports practice.  I almost feel like yelling at the kids to get off my lawn now that I feel so old.

Scroll down to see the goodies - and as always, the first to leave a comment stating which card (or cards) they will send me from my want list gets the full stack.  

1995 Classic PrePaid Phone Card (Promo):
Ozzie Smith - Cardinals

2008 Upper Deck Goudey:
157.  Khalil Greene - Padres

2009 Upper Deck:
41.  David Ortiz - Red Sox  

2011 Topps:
18.  Kevin Millwood - Orioles

1987 Topps:
224.  Wayne Tolleson - Yankees

1988 O-Pee-Chee:
331.  Brian Downing - Angels  

2011 Topps Lineage:
112.  Johnny Cueto - Reds

1995 Topps Dimension III:
54.  Walt Weiss - Rockies

2011 Topps Heritage:
402.  David DeJesus - Athletics

2010 Topps Update:
US-179.  Juan Pierre - White Sox  

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter:
200.  Lance Berkman - Astros

1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated:
Mini poster:
John Smoltz - Braves 

Want the card(s) in the stack?  Act fast - tell me which card you will send me off my want list in the comments below!  You must leave a comment on the trade stack post in order to claim the card - no more claims via email!  If no one claims this card within a reasonable amount of time (a few hours up to a few days, depending) - I'll add another card to the stack and the process will start again!

Previously Claimed Trade Stacks:
Stack 01:  2 cards by dayf
Stack 02:  8 cards by Justin
Stack 03:  17 cards by Cam
Stack 04:  4 cards by Cam
Stack 05:  9 cards by Daily Dimwit
Stack 06:  4 cards by The Lost Collector
Stack 07:  1 card by Baseball Dad
Stack 08:  1 card by M. Spiegel
Stack 09:  6 cards by bwsmith25
Stack 10:  6 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 11:  1 card by Patrick
Stack 12:  5 cards by Matt B.
Stack 13:  4 cards by Steve G.
Stack 14:  3 cards by ShaneK
Stack 15:  7 cards by Ryan G
Stack 16:  1 card by longlivethewho
Stack 17:  4 cards by hiflew
Stack 18:  4 cards by Potch
Stack 19:  2 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 20:  5 cards by by Play at the Plate
Stack 21:  5 cards by BA Benny
Stack 22:  1 card by IkesCards
Stack 23:  8 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 24:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 25:  2 cards by Jeff P.
Stack 26:  10 cards by Axemanohio
Stack 27:  1 card by BA Benny
Stack 28:  7 cards by ThingsAreFunnerHere
Stack 29:  3 cards by TheBrooklynMet
Stack 30:  4 cards by Adam C.
Stack 31:  10 cards by Play at the Plate
Stack 32:  8 cards by Josh D.
Stack 33:  6 cards by Baseball Dad
Stack 34:  1 card by Potch
Stack 35:  9 cards by Cool Breeze
Stack 36:  11 cards by Kev 
Stack 37:  6 cards by Tunguska
Stack 38:  ?? by ?? 


  1. I love promo cards ! Don't know why, I just do.I will find something and let you know !

  2. I have 2011 Gypsy Queen # 6 Frank Robinson !


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