Trade Stack 46: Eight Cards for You - One for Me! (Now Including Junk Wax!)

Here is how this works:
Every so often (i.e. whenever I feel like it), I will add a card to a "Trade Stack".  Whenever the stack becomes appealing enough to someone, that person needs to comment on the post saying they'd like to claim the stack AND tell me which card they are sending off of my want list.  That's all you have to do - trade me ONE card (or more, of course) card from my want list for the entire stack of cards that I'm offering.  Each time, it will be first come, first act quickly (unless of course you are a gambler and hope to wait it out until there are 10+ cards in the stack that you want in exchange for a single 2004 UD Vintage card that I am looking for)!

The Trade Stack:
Last update:  3/5/13

As the stack gets higher and higher, it's interesting (to me anyhow) to see where the line is that someone will say "alright, fine, I'll take it."  To date, the current stack is eight cards high (after the newest addition - scroll down).  By my count, only eight out of the 46 Trade Stacks have gone over eight cards tall.  Will the newest addition to the stack convince you to keep that statistic at only eight stacks over eight cards or will the stack continue on in its trek to double digit cards?  

Today's card is a 1990 Topps card - a set that isn't the most popular ever to say the least.  However, in a strange twist you can get all eight cards in the stack (including a 1990 Topps) for any ONE (or more) cards off my want list...and my want list now includes the aforementioned 1990 Topps.  Here's your chance to unload some unwanted '90 Topps!

I decided to add a pretty sweet draft picks card of Paul Coleman to the stack - it's unique in that Paul is shown in his high school (?) uniform.  According to the back of his card, Coleman is "noted for his prodigious 500-foot Home Runs" while at Frankston High School.  That's impressive stuff.

As usual, you can get the entire stack for any ONE (or more) cards off my want list!

1990 Topps:
654.  Paul Coleman - Cardinals

1999 Pacific Aurora:
188.  Fred McGriff

1995 Topps Stadium Club
407.  Barry Larkin - Reds

1999 Fleer Ultra
207.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros

2011 Topps:
144.  Lance Berkman - Yankees

2011 Topps Attax:
12.  Alfonso Soriano - Cubs

1991 Donruss:
439.  Jack Armstrong - Reds

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter:
Regular back mini 264.  Captain Nemo

Want the card(s) in the stack?  Act fast - tell me which card you will send me off my want list in the comments below!  You must leave a comment on the trade stack post in order to claim the card - no more claims via email!  If no one claims this card within a reasonable amount of time (a few hours up to a few days, depending) - I'll add another card to the stack and the process will start again!

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Stack 43:  1 card by madding
Stack 44:  10 cards by Commishbob
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Stack 46:  ?? by ??


  1. I'll have to search through the attic for more, but I'll take it for 1990 Topps #471 and #297. If I can't find more, I'll throw in some random Reds.


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